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Devon River Valley Trail – Voyageur Park

Voyageur Park in Devon

For those of you familiar with the Devon River Valley Trail in Voyageur Park, right on. For those of you who don’t, go. Especially if you have early bird kids, or if you are one!

A friend and I went on a Saturday morning, met at 530AM in the parking lot, and by golly, nary a soul in sight. We didn’t run into one person on the path and upon returning to our vehicle, there were just a few fellas fishing under the bridge.

There are a few fire pits with picnic tables along the river that would just be amazing with the fam jam and the “beachy” part we came across would entertain my kids for HOURS just throwing rocks in. Didn’t bring them this time – mama needed a break but next time!

Dogs are welcome on the leash, as you can see, Missy joined us, and the “stairs of fire” were a good challenge but not like Wolf Willow, so I’d say an intermediate challenge. I’ve also heard there is a great campground!

Below, evidence of a much-needed mental health break/escape from the city! A 20-minute drive from the west end of Edmonton and we did a shorter hike, just from the lot up the “stairs of fire” and back again. 45 minutes max, except of course, we stopped to catch some shots along the way.


Chris is a Mom of 2, a 9 & 11 year old, she works as a admin for a local bakery. She loves cider, hanging out with good people and writing about her feelings. She currently resides in our Capital City, however she grew up on a farm north east of the city and never forgets her farm girl roots.